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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Stall hire:

  • Stall hire includes: a trestle table approx 1.8m x 0.6m and chair; along with a space at the side where you can display one large item like a pushchair, cot or a clothes rail.
  • Each stall may be manned by up to 2 people.
  • Sellers are requested to arrive and set up at least 30 minutes before the sale and must be fully set up by the start time. Anyone arriving after 15 minutes before opening will not be allowed to set up.
  • Transactions are only permitted between the start and finish times.
  • Sellers are not allowed to pack up early, you are expected to remain at the event for the full time and only pack up after the end of the sale.
  • Sellers must remove all unsold goods, display equipment and clear all rubbish from their sales area within half an hour after the end of the sale.


  • Stall hire bookings are subject to availability and are made on a first come, first served basis.
  • Payment should be made at the time of booking through paypal or bank transfer. The booking is not complete until payment has been made.
  • The stallholder fee is non refundable. So please check your dates carefully before you book.
  • When you make your booking please make sure that your email address and postal address are correct. If you don't hear from us to confirm your booking please email us.
  • Once you have made your booking we will send you a sellers pack 2 weeks before the sale date. Please read it! This contains stallholder information and selling tips to help you get the pricing and presentation right to maximise your sales on the day. 
  • If you are bringing a clothes rail then please make sure it will fit in the space allocated (as a guide it should be less that 90cm wide.
  • The Market for Mums event organisers reserve the right to decide the arrangement of stalls on market day, and will only accept requests as to placement of stalls prior to market day. If you would like to sit near a friend or be placed in a certain place within the hall please contact us prior to market day and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
  • Stallholders and their representatives are not permitted to distribute advertising or promotional material at their stall as this would infact be a business booking. A breach of these conditions will result in the stallholders being requested to leave with immediate effect.

Goods for sale:

  • Bookings are strictly for quality preloved goods only. If you have items on your stall that do not meet this requirement we may ask you to remove them.
  • All goods must be intended for maternity, babies and children up to the age of 8.
  • All items should be complete and electronic toys should be in working order with full instructions where possible.
  • It is advisable not to sell: cot mattresses - except travel cot mattresses (due to increased risk of cot death), soft toys with loose or missing parts, anything which is broken, stained, ripped or generally in poor condition. Puzzles and games should be complete. Some people do want to buy second hand car seats but there is low demand and selling price will be low.

Toys and equipment should comply with British Safety Standards.

  • Toys: Any toy which is supplied either new or second hand must comply with a set of “essential safety requirements”. If you bought your goods new in the UK in the last few years they should comply with these standards- but if you are unsure here's a quick guide to what they cover.....
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties - e.g. loose facial feature, sharp edges, finger trapping hazards, flammability, chemical properties - e.g. paint must not contain excessive amounts of lead or other metals, electrical properties - e.g. toys must not operate at a voltage exceeding 24V
  • Hygiene - e.g. toys must not present a risk of infection. Children frequently put toys in their mouths. Ensure that all toys are clean and where possible washed prior to supply or offering for supply.

Toys which are covered must be marked with appropriate instructions and warnings for safe use.

  • Toys are defined in the legislation as “any product or material designed or intended for use in play by children under the age of 14 years”. (Some examples of items NOT classed as toys are listed here: Christmas decorations, detailed scale models for adult collectors such as CORGI Cars, fashion jewellery for children, puzzles with more than 500 pieces.)
Prams and Pushchairs: All prams and pushchairs, whether new or second hand must comply with British Standard 7409:1996 or an equivalent European standard.
  • Look for the label stating that the pram or pushchair complies with this standard or its equivalent. These labels are usually found on the frame or seat covering. If no label exists then it may be difficult to establish whether the item does comply with the standard. If the pram/pushchair has been damaged or modified it may no longer meet the requirements of the Standard.
  • The pram/pushchair must also comply with the Furniture Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. It must carry a permanent label indicating this, with the words “Carelessness Causes Fire”. Check that the label is present. If not, then the pram/pushchair must not be supplied or offered for supply. If in any doubt, do not supply or offer the item for supply.


Terms and conditions of Business stall bookings:


Any stall selling new goods or services is deemed to be a ‘Business stall’. In addition to the standard terms and conditions of stall booking all business stallholders must comply with the following in order to trade at The Market for Mums.

  • All Business stalls must have their own Public Liability Insurance. This can either be shown on the day or emailed in advance. You will not be allowed to set up your stall without it.
  • All Business stalls must trade legally and comply with all laws related to running a business. Items which do not comply with current safety legislation will not be permitted for sale. Handmade dummy clips and other items with small parts designed for babies may not be sold.
  • All Businesses must ensure that their stall and any displays are set up safely.
  • Business sellers are not permitted to walk around handing out flyers/marketing material while the event is on. Businesses can give our flyers and gain customer contacts at their stall only.
  • The Market for Mums will make every effort to ensure a good mix of business stalls, however cannot guarantee that there would not be another business offering similar products / services.

Additional information

  • Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security. The Market for Mums accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage. The Market for Mums accepts no responsibility or liability for the quality or condition of items purchased at a market. Purchases are made entirely at the individual's own risk; all items are sold as seen. The Market for Mums accept no responsibility for sellers' or buyers' property on the sale day and accept no liability for loss or damage however caused. All persons who enter the market at their own risk.
  • Stallholders are responsible for the safety of their own stall (should set their stall up in a safe way to avoid accidents)
  • Should The Market for Mums have to cancel an event due to the following reasons of emergency, danger, weather, conditions, disasters, health and safety, health concerns, or other reasons that are not within reasonable control of the event organisers, then stallholders will not receive a refund for their stall fee paid.
  • Stallholders will be financially liable for any damages they cause to the venue in which the Market is held. All sellers MUST NOT hang, stick, tape, glue, nail, screw or in any other way fix items to any wall, door, floor, curtain or any other part of the building both internally and externally during the event.
  • The stallholders agree to indemnify The Market for Mums against all claims for damages or injury to the property or person of any persons in respect of any claim by any such person arising out of negligence on the part of the stallholders or his agents or servants.
  • Event organisers reserve the right to dispose of any items left behind following the event. 
  • Illegal Activity: Stallholders shall NOT sell illegal/pirated items at our events nor hold The Market for Mums responsible for the non-compliance with any Law, By-law, Regulation, Act or Statute